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    Homes come in all shapes and sizes to suit the differing needs of each client. We will meet you at an early stage and show you suggestions of what can be achieved to meet your requirements and budget.
  • Alresford, Hampshire

    This two storey front extension in Alresford has improved the appearance of this property in the streetview and provided a generous, light entrance hall with a double bedroom over. The rear extension and alterations create an open plan kitchen, dining and family room.
  • Ropley, Hampshire

    A new house in the rural village of Ropley. The site is located on the boundary of the conservation area which led the design in the choice of traditional materials and the massing of the building. The low eaves on approach open up into two storey spaces on the South side with stunning views over the fields.
  • Ropley, Hampshire

    This was a challenging build due to the restrictive access to the site. Delivery of materials required careful planning utilising smaller vehicles. The house was constructed as a timber frame to create a highly insulated shell whilst retaining the maximum amount of internal floor space.


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